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Adhesive labels are pieces of paper, plastic, fabric, or other materials that have an adhesive backing, allowing them to stick to various surfaces. These labels are designed to be easy to apply and are typically made with three main components:

  1. Facestock: This is the visible surface of the label that can be printed with text, graphics, or other information. It’s the part that is seen once the label is applied.

  2. Adhesive: The adhesive is the sticky substance applied to the back of the facestock that allows the label to adhere to surfaces. There are different types of adhesives available, each with varying levels of stickiness and characteristics suitable for different purposes. Some adhesives are permanent, while others are removable or repositionable.

  3. Liner: The liner is a backing material that covers the adhesive and provides support during the manufacturing and application process. When you’re ready to apply the label, you peel off the liner to expose the adhesive

Custom Packaging Boxes Options

Where do we use the adhesive labels?

  1. Retail and Product Packaging:

    • Product adhesive labels: Display product names, ingredients, nutritional information, and branding on packaged goods.
    • Price labels: Display pricing information on items in stores.
  2. Shipping and Logistics:

    • Shipping adhesive labels: Display shipping information, barcodes, tracking numbers, and handling instructions on packages.
    • Barcode labels: Used to track inventory and manage stock in warehouses.
  3. Office and Organization:

    • File and folder labels: Organize documents, files, and folders in offices.
    • Binder labels: Identify the contents of binders and folders.
    • Address labels: Used for mailing and labeling envelopes.
  4. Manufacturing and Industrial Settings:

    • Product labels: Display important information about products, such as serial numbers, manufacturing dates, and safety instructions.
    • Warning labels: Provide safety instructions and warnings on machinery, equipment, and hazardous materials.
  5. Healthcare:

    • Medical adhesive labels: Identify patient records, medical supplies, and medication containers.
    • Laboratory adhesive labels: Label samples and specimens for testing and analysis.
  6. Food and Beverage Industry:

    • Food packaging adhesive labels: Display nutritional information, expiration dates, and branding on food products.
    • Wine and beverage labels: Identify wine bottles and other beverage containers.
  7. Events and Conferences:

    • Name tags and badges: Provide identification for attendees at conferences, seminars, and events.
    • Event adhesive labels: Mark different areas or items during events for guidance.
  8. Home Organization:

    • Kitchen labels: Organize pantry items, spices, and kitchen supplies.
    • Garage labels: Label storage containers, tools, and equipment.
  9. Promotional and Branding:

    • Promotional labels: Display special offers, discounts, and promotional messages on products or packaging.
    • Branding adhesive labels: Display company logos, taglines, and branding elements.
  10. Educational Settings:

    • Classroom labels: Label books, supplies, and educational materials in classrooms.
    • Educational games: Use labels for interactive learning activities.
  11. Retail Displays:

    • Shelf adhesive labels: Display prices and product information on retail shelves.
    • Window displays: Add information and graphics to window displays.
  12. Pharmaceutical Industry:

    • Medication labels: Display dosage instructions, usage information, and warnings on medication packaging.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Packaging Boxes

Are you a manufacturer?

Yes we are.We’re a FSC certified manufacturer and we use eco-friendly materials for custom box all the time.

Can I get some samples before placing a bulk order?

Yes you can. We can finish the samples in 3-5 days after you confirm the design and details.

What is the minimum quantity?

In our company, we specialize in crafting custom packaging boxes based on your specifications. This implies that we don’t enforce a universal minimum order quantity for all our products. The minimum order quantity is contingent upon the specific type of custom packaging boxes you require and whether you prefer an unadorned version or one featuring a printed design. If your requirement involves a relatively modest quantity of custom packaing boxes, you have the option to purchase as few as 500 units from our collection of standard sizes. 

Can your custom packaging boxes be recycled?

Yes,they can.We use eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper, vegetable-based inks, and water-based coatings.

Can you make a free design based on my artwork?

Certainly, we have the capability to assist you with graphic design and develop the artwork on your behalf. It’s advisable to entrust this aspect to individuals with a stronger creative inclination. Our primary emphasis revolves around transforming your concepts into exceptionally crafted custom packaging boxes.

Do you have a FSC certification?

Yes we do.You can check our FSC certification on ABOUT US page.

Where are the custom packaging boxes made?

They are made in our factory located in Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province, which is quite close to Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port. This would be much helpful for the shipping and shorten the estimated time of arrival.

What printing techniques do you use for the custom box?

We have all kinds of advanced production equipment for offset printing, UV printing, water printing, flexo printing, pad printing and digital quick printing. We’ve got BSCI,SMETA CSR, FSC forest certification, recognized by Disney, Wal-Mart foreign customers. Our products have passed the stringent environmental protection test for toys exported to Europe and the United States.

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